Arimak 06 w. Cubo

Arimak 06 w. Cubo on Radio RapTz

Colaboración para el programa Arimak conducido por ВĒИ en Radio RapTz

Number 6 of the Arimak series on Radio RapTz, is signed by the one and only Cubo, from Vitoria.

“Iñaki is one of the channel’s biggest collaborators. His eclecticism, his open mind and his school in the art of mixing means that he can tackle practically anything that is proposed to him. And here he blends perfectly with the essence of this series by taking a cinematic mix, which takes place through many different places, on a journey through and for the soul.

Hope you enjoy it and Iñaki, once again, huge thanks for everything!”

Tracklist :
01. Pepo Salazar – Todo Multicolor Inmoviliza
02. Pauline Anna Strom – The Eighteen Beautiful Memories
03. Lyra Pramuk – Witness
04. Garazi Gorostiaga – Goihan Naiari
05. Peter Broderick – Give A Smile In 5
06. Barzin – Sometimes The Night…
07. Silvia Perez Cruz – Pena Salada
08. Balmorhea – Islet
09. The Howard Hughes Suite – Like Tears in Rain
10. Xhin – This Is What You Drew While You Were Half Asleep
11. Yu Su Ft. Pender Street Steppers – Tipu’s Tiger
12. Area 3 – Amb
13. Jorge Reyes & Antonio Zepeda – Wawaki
14. Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft – Some Water
15. Rone & Yael Naim – Breathe In
16. Oval – Textuell
17. Another Fine Day – In 7
18. Barulinho – Colgando
19. Pete Namlook – Jeux Dangereux (Reprise)
20. Terry Riley – Slow Melody in Bhairavi


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