Digidamoog & Paudebanyoles present: LETS GET READY TO DE RUMBLE!!

Digidamoog & Paudebanyoles: LETS GET READY TO DE RUMBLE!! by Silum Soundz on Mixcloud


1.digidamoog —————————-rumble intro.
2.willie hutch —————————brothers gonna work it out
VS marschmellows——————soulpower (jazzanova remix)
3.max sedgley—————————happy
VS mo’horizons———————yes, baby, yes
4.dj travel insurance——————–tonigth
5.charades——————————-gimme the funk
6.mr scruff——————————-get a move on
VS ludovic navarre——————soul salsa
7.dynamo productions——————get it together
8.jimmy sabater————————-to be with you
10.faze action—————————-moving cities
VS maxwell implosion—————-psichochutney
11.ian pooley—————————–whats your number (call me remix)
12.the eddie roberts quartet————giorgios brother (lack of afro remix)
13.the quartertones———————-caffeine (dj format version)
14.zeb————————————-revolutionary dreams
VS ltj experience———————-disco people
15.the players association—————dance
16.peoples choice————————you ougtha to be dancing
17.st germain—————————–so flute
VS al kent——————————think
18.nicola conte—————————missione a bombay (eddie & dus remix)
19.jazzanova—————————–let your heart be free
20.j.wohdle,the edge & h.czukay——snarecharmer(f.kevorkian mix)
21.dizzy k.falola————————–take it to the dj
22.lack of afro—————————-live at the club
23.boom boom room——————–getta sucka!!
24.the beck family———————–cant shake the feeling
25.freak power—————————new direction (fila brazzilia mix)
26.digidamoog—————————rumble outro

recorded by digidamoog at RRZZ studios
aditional scratches by paudebanyoles
aditional sanples by digidamoog



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