Konsumprodukt: Rumbero elegante

Konsumprodukt, a project of Spanish based Alejandro Remeseiro, brings you a wild mixture of Spanish electronic extravaganza.

“Rumbero elegante” is obviously influenced by the styles and rhythms of Alejandros home country in the first place, but he adds some wicked twists and turns that clearly show his special view on music.

Voice and noise samples, field recordings and various flavours of bleeps and beats make “Rumbero elegante” a Mediterranean treasure box.

Descargar: http://www.laridae.at/getrelease.php?release_id=laridae048

1 Cuando te tocas
2 Gracita y tu
3 Song from defeat (monumento)
4 Hijos de la confusion
5 Divorcio Robot
6 Candidato (Voçe gosta)
7 Maitreya Bigote!
8 La maquina de hacer baladitas
9 Copas en Cullera
10 Xilofono salsero (interludio)
11 La santeria satanica!
12 Os lo pronostiqué
13 Sube las nalgas marinas
14 Paga ya!
15 Marcianasa inmobiliaria
16 Fear on the wind
17 Calling Harare
18 Radium interval signal
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