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Nuestra pareja favorita del techno “alternativo” dando un repaso a los sonidos más interesantes de los últimos tiempos, desde Arthur Russell o The Cure hasta Konrad Black….

Troy Pierce and Gibby Miller are blurring the lines between their respective influences on this week’s RA podcast.

You might not think that a hardcore punk vocalist and minimal techno producer would be the likeliest of studio bedfellows, but Troy Pierce and Gibby Miller have forged quite the partnership with their Louderbach project. Marrying Minus man Pierce’s tenebrous take on techno with Miller’s gothic vocals, the duo have created an electronic pop synergy that isn’t afraid to get deep and dark both musically and lyrically. Miller’s began his musical career in the late ’90s as vocalist in Boston-based punk band The Trouble, but the turn of the century saw him become inaugurated into the techno scene after meeting up with Troy Pierce in New York. The two struck up a friendship and have been collaborating ever since, birthing the first fruits of their collective labour on a split release for Mo’s Ferry Productions.

After more collaborations with Marc Houle, Guido Schneider and Sammy Dee, Miller was formally welcomed into the Louderbach fold, and the pair set to work on what would become their debut album. Entitled Enemy Love, the record seemed to be a continuation of Pierce’s previous nocturnal minimal techno outings on Underl_ne and Minus, but this year’s Autumn LP is a very different beast. Miller’s love of EBM, new wave and minimal synth music are clearer than ever, whilst Pierce’s has found new directions to channel his love of menacing electronic sounds. This week’s RA podcast sees Pierce and Miller select the pieces of music that have heavily influenced each of them, before merging them into a single genre-defying whole that represents the ingredients that make the Louderbach sound. We caught up with both members by e-mail to ask about the mix, the decision to release on Minus, and their recent video competition.

The Acid Didj – 4 – Telepathic Recordings
Stars Of The Lid – 13 Piano Aquieu – Kranky
Andrew Thomas – Hushhh – Kompakt
Spacemen 3 – Taking Drugs To Make Music To – Father Yod
Cluster – Marzipan – Brain
DJ Dove – Feel The Sun – Narcotic Records
Plastikman – Contain – M_nus
Der Zyklus – Formenverwandler – Frustrated Funk
Acidrain – Floatin – Stadtgruen
Phuture – Jiggerwatts – Public
Plastikman – Plastiscene – novamute
I.A. Bericochea – R7 – M_nus
Losoul – Open Door – Playhouse
Section 25 – New Horizon – Factory
Jack Master – Manic Danser – Jack
Ø – Helium – Säkhö Recordings
Kotai & Mo – Boys In The Backstreet – Elektro Music Department
Peter F. Spiess – Malfunction – Klang Elektronik
Silver Apples – Lovefingers – Kapp Records
Higher Intelligence Agency – Selinite – Warp Records
Drexciya – 700 Million Light Years From Earth – Clone Records
Jake Fairley – In Stitches – Sender Records
Psychic TV – New Sexuality – Temple Records
Konrad Black – Separation Anxiety – 240 Volts
Bauhaus – Of Lillies And Remains – Nippon Columbia
Baby Ford – Normal – Rephlex
Monojunk – Mindwander – Dum Records
The Cure – All Cats Are Grey – Polydor
Round Four – Found A Way – Main Street Records
Stephan Laubner – Portside Waves – Perlon
Arthur Russell – Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun – Rough Trade
William Basinski – Melancholia 1 – 2062

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