Dadub: Impressions EP


Desde Italia nos llega este trabajo de dub electrónico muy cuidado e interesante.

Another jewel collected by Aquietbump.
Another artist from red-hot South Italy.

Dadub is a true scientist of music, he works with sound like an alchemist manipulates the elements.

Aquietbump is proud to present “Impressions Ep”, six tracks of pure gold.


1. roots between 0 & 1 (intro)

2. e-motion

3. yankaDub

4. Lies (extended)

5. waitin’ in a bottle

6. fight them alone


• Gianfranco del Vecchio: percussions on “roots between 0 & 1 (intro)

• Alan Asaro: voice on “roots between 0 & 1 (intro)” and “yankaDub”

• Grace: voice on “e-motion”

• Virginia Quaranta: voice on “waitin’ in a bottle”

• Stefano Fusillo: voice on “Lies (extended)” and “fight them alone”

• Ivan Antezza: melodica on “Lies (extended)” and “fight them alone”

All tracks written and arranged by Daniele Antezza

except “fight them alone” written by Daniele Antezza & Stefano Fusillo.

Cover art:

Raffaele Gargiulo


@ Qzone studio on april 2009

by Daniele Antezza & Carmine Minichiello


Blackchannel studio

by Giovanni Roma 2009


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